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Artistic Expressions

As a child I used to get into trouble for sketching figures and images in the margins of my homework. One day an insightful teacher, seeing my need to express myself, handed me a set of colored pencils, a drawing pad, and an application to the local student art show. The result was “Gotcha!” a Siamese cat tangled in yarn, his teeth and claws wrapped around what was left of a ball of yarn and a very satisfied look upon his face. It won first place, a cool plaque and $25.00……I was thrilled! That teacher, Mr. Hexom (I’ll never forget him), put me on the track of the art world and I continued to enter art shows and study drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, and digital imagery. Below are a few samples of what I do.


Dressing the Cobra
 Digital montage

Depicting the tenderness yet danger of dressing a pet cobra. This piece was entered into an art show at the Gualala Arts Center. The Theme of the show was, "Living on the Edge".


Henry is a temperamental snake; however, he shines when he is on stage. People pay to see him do his little dance and the hat is the costume for his performance….It takes concentration and a steady hand to make sure he looks handsome for his adoring fans.


Are We There Yet?
Digital photograph


We were driving the very long and curvy highway along the California coast. Poncho loved riding in the car and this was one of his favorite places to keep tabs on the driving and the road. When a curve came up he would lean into it as if he were driving the car himself.

Lady Tea Cup

 Acrylic paint on canvas



This painting is only 10" x 7.5" and was entered into a show with the theme "Small Things" at the Gualala Arts Center.




A tiny young woman taking a hot bath in a tea cup. She gazes longingly through the nearby window. Her thoughts turn towards a possible excursion outside of her safe realm. The thought of the endeavor makes her heart race. What wonders might she see out there? What dangers might she encounter?

Man's Best Friend

B&W Digital portrait


This photo was taken late in the evening about 6 days after Poncho was diagnosed with cancer. The look of desperation is apparent.


We miss him dearly.....the pain of losing him still lingers.



Koda in Trouble Again

Pencil drawing


Koda is my son's dog. He's big, clumsy, and rambunctious, but sweet as can be. In this drawing, Koda knows he's done yet another bad thing and tries to console my son.





 A Little Shade for a Young Lady

Pencil drawing


This drawing was from memories of my niece who was just starting to
notice boys and wear, as she would say, "girly" clothes.


She grew up to be a wonderful mother and wife.


Warm Breeze

Pencil drawing


This is kind of a self portrait. I was going through some stressful times and had rented a room for myself in Fort Bragg on the coast. I was sitting in my car watching the ocean and there was a bench in front of me. The weather was beautiful and I imagined myself sitting there, relaxed, feeling the breeze. This was a therapeutic drawing that I later entered into an art show and subsequently sold

Molly in the Mist



This photo was taken at the Gualala Point Park on the California coast. It was early in the morning and I was walking down the trail with our elderly Labrador Molly, who had picked up a large heavy piece of wood and had just set it down to rest from carrying it.


I cut and painted the matting to give the feel of looking through a hole into another dimension.


Icy Embrace
Acrylic paint w/ feathers on canvas


I actually got this idea from a  Calvin Klein magazine ad. It was a  photograph of a
topless young woman wearing jeans and hugging a block of ice. 
Just to look at it made you shiver. I tried to get the same effect here. 
I wanted 3D snow, so I took feathers from a pillow and sprinkled them over the wet paint.



Where is Everyone?


Do you wonder if we are alone in the universe?  Highly doubtful, but sometimes it sure seems like it.

This piece was in the "Living on the Edge" art show at the Gualala Arts Center along with my montage, "Dressing the Cobra".


The Transition

Digital photograph



This photograph explains itself....I had kicked off my shoes from the hectic day that had transpired and was so looking forward to putting my feet into those nice, soft slippers for the evening.


(Big sigh!)


The contrast between the wood and the carpet lends to
the transitional state.

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