Monday, December 2014

Mike and Karen came to visit Art and Teri in Zapopan.

They stayed for three nights. We put them in the master bedroom.


Luna was very happy to have new people to play with.


We talked about family, books, dogs, and life in general.
 We cooked, we ate and drank.

We had tacos one night and pork verde the next.


We went to the VIP Cinema and saw....

Mike dodged traffic on a busy road on the way back from the movie....

Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants. We call it the "Bubbly Place" because they serve bubbling hot molcajetes!



We all had a great time!



They had to go back on Thursday, so we balanced the camera on the gate and set it up for 10 second delay...

It didn't fall and no one snagged it while we were posing : )

Mike and Karen, you guys are welcome back any time!