Driving Through the Desert

We decided the 3 day trip our friend had made to Zapopan from the border was insane! She had to be leaving each place she stayed by dawn and driving until dusk in order to make it a 3 day trip!

The highway detoured into dirt road a few times, but Tom-Tom kept us on course.


We passed by what looked like shady dealings with an armored truck under a bridge.

We didnt want to know.....SEE THE VIDEO!


There were many toll booths.....too many toll booths!

There are many cactuses in the desert....The scientific name for this one is Carnegiea Gigantea (saguaro cactus).  Also known as a "LOOKSALLOTLIKEAGIGANTEANPENIS"

In the desert we made sure we had plenty of water.
We also had crackers and cheese.

Chocolate brownies and........COOKIES!