The Painted Kitchen
by Teri....well, actually, Art did the painting and I did this page : )

Art has a nice shirt that is a beautiful pumpkin orange and this is one of the colors we wanted for the kitchen.  We also used the pretty blue color that is on the existing tiles for the non-textured walls.  I think its an amazing combo!  You're gonna love this!

Before photos



Art cleaned, taped, and trimmed the walls. 
I would have helped, but it was too tight in there and he was on a roll!

We matched up the paint to the little blue flowers on the tiles.

After Photos




We bought a nice sturdy pewter key holder.

What do you think?  Is'nt it great!


We are also thinking of covering the space between the kitchen window and the arch entrance to the courtyard so it wont get so dang wet out near the washer and dryer during heavy rain.

Here is a sample of the material we thought would be nice...


It seems to be a heavy duty plastic

And the gutter would run the water off from the rain and the upstairs veranda into the courtyard.
Plus, we could sit out there while its storming and sip margaritas!

yeah? yeah?